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Blossom and Shine in 2013!

an Exclusive Workshop for Mums

'Must-Have Secrets for YOUR Most Successful Year Yet!'

Thursday, January 17, 2013 from 9.30 AM - 11:30 AM
The Woodpecker Brewers Fayre, London Road, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 8EG

with the UK's leading Confidence Coach for Mums

and Life Balance Mentor

Tracey Wall


Tracey invites you to Blossom and Shine in 2013!

As the UK's leading Confidence Coach for mums and life balance mentor, Tracey will be revealing what specific actions ensure your personal growth, development and success in achieving genuine rock-solid confidence, your ideal life balance and your ultimate fulfilment and happiness to Blossom and Shine in 2013!

She'll also be sharing great tools, tips and best practises on how to achieve an easier, more fulfilling and happier life for you and your family whilst overcoming obstacles many mums juggle on a daily basis that sometimes hold you back from achieving what you really want, declaring instead those well known expressions ‘I don't have the time...' and ‘I'll do it when...' and ‘when' never actually arrives!

Could Your Life Be Less Stressful, Exhausting and Guilt Ridden?

How often have you felt like this about you and your life:

  • I'm fed up of failed New Year resolutions, I can't understand why I don't succeed.
  • Since becoming a mum I've completely lost my identity, purpose and sparkle.
  • I constantly put everyone else's needs before my own; I'm forever bottom of the pile!
  • I'm always exhausted and on the go, there just aren't enough hours in the day.
  • I continually worry what others think of me and always compare myself with others.
  • I feel stuck in a rut and know something needs to change but don't know what or how!
  • I'm feeling a little lost, overwhelmed and directionless right now!
  • I wish I had the time and energy to do things I want to do, without the guilt!
  • I long to have the confidence and courage to embrace life's opportunities.
  • I honestly didn't think being a mum would be this challenging!

The good news is you are really not alone in feeling this way. Being a mum is hard work and as mums we have to juggle so many roles on a daily basis! Yet, no matter how worn out and weary you feel it is possible to reclaim your oomph and bring some fun and purpose back into your life!

Could Your Life Be More Balanced, Happier and Enjoyable?

Imagine how good life would feel to be a mum with:

  • Indestructible self-belief that enables you to embrace life's opportunities
  • Genuine rock-solid confidence that empowers you in every situation
  • An ideal work/life balance that works for you and your family
  • More time to spend nurturing and enjoying your family
  • Quality me-time just for you and your needs
  • A calm and organised home environment
  • A stress-free, worry-free and guilt-free life!

Wouldn't it be great if you could step off the fast treadmill that is your current life and find some space to just stop and think? Imagine what it would be like to take some invaluable time-out for you on a regular basis and focus on the things you really want to achieve instead of the things you feel you 'should be' doing!

You CAN and It Starts With YOU!

Success in creating the life you really want is an inside job and goes way deeper than stating a New Year resolution or other goal, without much thought around ‘what to' or ‘how to' change to successfully achieve a different result! All the help and support, self development books, programmes, tips and best practises you try and use will NOT work unless you:

  • Hone your SELF-AWARENESS
  • Master your unsupportive MIND CHATTER and Self Doubts
  • Are congruent with what you SAY you want and your ACTIONS
  • Know what's holding you back and WHY

Tracey will give you both insight and clarity around each of these, show you HOW and much more when you join her Blossom and Shine in 2013 exclusive workshop for mums.

Introducing Blossom and Shine in 2013 Workshop!

You can look forward to an exclusive workshop that gives you the inner success techniques AND proven best practises to get yourself in a better place to Blossom and Shine in 2013.

Tracey is known and highly regarded for her inspirational, warm and intuitive approach to achieving transformational success with her private clients, she'll share with you her proven practises, tools and tips that will inspire you to take instant action regardless of your start point.

Tracey will take just two hours of your time to give you complete peace of mind, hope, inspiration and proven skills to make sure you make a flying start to the New Year in achieving what you really want. Imagine having an easier, more fulfilling and happier life for you and your family, embracing a new found confidence and your ideal life balance - well you CAN by attending this exclusive workshop and learning HOW!

How Will You Benefit From Attending Blossom and Shine in 2013?

At this exclusive workshop in an easy and fun way, Tracey will help you establish a current overview of how happy you are with all aspects of your life and provide tools and tips for ways to improve your confidence, self belief and life balance whilst trying to juggle the many responsibilities that being a mum entails. Tracey will help you:

  • Reflect back on your achievements of 2012
  • Understand why the majority of New Year's resolutions fail long before January is out!
  • Recognise the importance of creating goals and the benefits of living life with intent!
  • Embrace the New Year and define the life you really want for you and your family!
  • Identify the key aspects of your life you want to improve!
  • Learn how to create realistic and achievable goals to ensure your success!
  • Identify any possible obstacles currently in your way and how to overcome them!
  • Create a stepped action plan to begin taking your first steps to Blossom and Shine in 2013!
  • Leave the workshop inspired to take action and make 2013 your most successful year yet!
  • Ultimately achieve your aspirations for an easier, more fulfilling and happier life for you and your family in 2013!

YOUR Personal Coach!

Having successfully been coaching for over 15 years, Tracey's coaching expertise, best practises, tools and tips can transform even the most rock bottom, overwhelmed and stressed out mums within a relatively short period of time in comparison to the years it can sometimes take mums to get to the place they find themselves in today.

Tracey's work and achievements with mums are highly regarded and regularly sought out to contribute to many media including Mother and Baby magazine, Pregnancy & Birth magazine, Baby London magazine, BBC Radio Birmingham, Greatvine as their Confidence and Self Esteem expert, Vivacious Mum specialist magazine as their in-house Confidence and Life Balance coach, Myleene Klass in her Bumps, Babies and Beyond video series as a Confidence expert for mums and Tracey herself nominated and shortlisted as one of 4 finalists for the 2013 Tesco Mum Of The Year National Awards for her work with mums.

Make 2013 YOUR Most Successful Year Yet!

If you want this for you and your family, want success in achieving a goal or aspiration once and for all, have Tracey personally answer your questions, help and support you in your quest for an easier, more fulfilling and happier life AND meet some fabulous like-minded mums, then book YOUR place TODAY on this exclusive workshop!

Take this rare opportunity to have Tracey personally guide you through the obstacles, best practises, tools and techniques YOU need to Blossom and Shine in 2013 - they are MUST–HAVES to achieve what you really want, so make sure you book YOUR place TODAY!

Tracey would like YOU to join her and other like minded mums in achieving what you really want for 2013… its simple, very friendly, informal, non judgemental, highly beneficial and hugely affordable too at just £15, that's right it's not a misprint – just £15! 2hrs with Tracey as a private client would cost you in excess of 10 times the cost of YOUR place on this workshop! The numbers are LIMITED so you need to move fast, book YOUR place TODAY!

How Do I Book My Place TODAY?

If you:

  • Are determined 2013 WILL be different but you are unsure of the what or how to succeed
  • Would like help and support in your quest for an easier, more fulfilling and happier life
  • Know there is something you just want to achieve once and for all
  • Want to enjoy genuine confidence enabling you to embrace life's opportunities
  • Wish to be a great role model for your children ensuring their confidence and success
  • AND meet some fabulous like-minded mums

Then you are ready to book your place TODAY and you can do this through Empowering Mums Together! using the orange Book Your Place Now button below. Places are LIMITED, so act NOW to avoid disappointment - don't miss out and have regret at what might have been!

Book Your Place Now!

Should you have any specific questions about Blossom and Shine in 2013! please do not hesitate to contact Tracey on 01606 334015 or via email at


Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and joy.

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What Our Mums Say

  • "When I met Tracey, I was experiencing a critical time in my life and I needed to change life-long habits in order to embrace and enjoy my future. In my opinion, Tracey's greatest skill is her natural instinct"

    L Westhead

  • "I contacted Tracey to discuss what I initially thought was a problem with my teenage daughter as our relationship had become problematic and distant. I now enjoy a much deeper bond and a closer relationship with my daughter, of whom I am very proud."

    H Burrows

  • "Empowering Mums understands the challenges of motherhood and how easy it is to lose your sense of self. At the start of my sessions with Tracey, it quickly became apparent that I had nothing to fear, only things to gain"

    J Bulbrook

  • "My sessions with Tracey have increased my awareness of how my behaviour and thought processes impact certain situations. I now have the tools necessary to prevent negative behaviours, which has had a positive impact on my confidence"

    S Molloy

  • "It has been great to have an unbiased, non-judgemental sounding board and be able to take time out to talk about me and my life. Tracey, you are a good listener! I now enjoy more quality time with my children. Thank you!"

    L Roberts

  • "I've found my coaching sessions hugely empowering and beneficial. I've made huge ground in building my confidence and self-esteem, following a bout of stress-related depression. I'm doing things now I'd never have dreamt possible"

    G Stanley

  • "Working with Tracey has completely transformed my view about how it is best for me to live a healthy lifestyle. I now view my health and fitness regime as an enjoyable part of my life rather than a 'thing' I 'must' do"

    S Faulkner

  • "Working with professional coach Tracey Wall was a highly enjoyable and valuable experience. Through our sessions, Tracey raised my awareness of my situation and really empowered me to move forward to achieve my goals. Confidentiality was maintained throughout: I trust Tracey implicitly"

    C Campbell

  • Tracey helped me to identify the areas in my life which were making me feel so miserable and worthless and then we began to tackle them one by one. The process went at my own pace and felt like a natural progression, as each week went by I was feeling more positive and confident, ready to tackle the next step.

    Anna Burrow
    Frodsham, Cheshire