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Confidence for Life

As an experienced professional life coach, Tracey specialises in encouraging mums and mums-to-be to achieve life-long aspirations and become the confident, balanced and happy women they strive to be.

Accredited in the Confidence for Life programme by Dawn Breslin, Tracey supports and empowers mums to recapture their lost sparkle, take control of their lives and find that much longed for happiness by coaching and encouraging them to overcome limiting beliefs, fears and worries created by experiences and pains of the past. Through effective exercises and techniques, this programme will dramatically increase self-confidence and raise self-esteem.

During the programme, you will be encouraged to identify areas of your life that need to be transformed for the better. You will be introduced to a wide range of inspirational and empowering self-development tools, which will dramatically enhance your personal and professional life. You will be inspired to make positive changes at your own pace and set realistic targets to achieve your goals. You will also learn how to attract success, happiness, fulfilment and balance into your life.

Confidence for You | Empowering Mums UK

Tracey is an inspiring, intuitive and supportive coach. She will help you discover your true self and enable you to achieve what you want most in life. Raising your self-confidence and self-esteem will help you manage all the challenges you face on a daily basis and much more!

Live with intention, not regret! Personal development is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Contact Tracey now for a complimentary initial session and discover how the Confidence for Life programme will transform your life and empower you to achieve confidence, balance and joy!

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and joy.

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How To Find More Time is a dynamic e-book that will enable you to do the things you really want and eliminate the phrase, "I haven't enough hours in the day!" A must-have for busy mums!

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What Our Mums Say

  • "When I met Tracey, I was experiencing a critical time in my life and I needed to change life-long habits in order to embrace and enjoy my future. In my opinion, Tracey's greatest skill is her natural instinct"

    L Westhead

  • "I contacted Tracey to discuss what I initially thought was a problem with my teenage daughter as our relationship had become problematic and distant. I now enjoy a much deeper bond and a closer relationship with my daughter, of whom I am very proud."

    H Burrows

  • "Empowering Mums understands the challenges of motherhood and how easy it is to lose your sense of self. At the start of my sessions with Tracey, it quickly became apparent that I had nothing to fear, only things to gain"

    J Bulbrook

  • "My sessions with Tracey have increased my awareness of how my behaviour and thought processes impact certain situations. I now have the tools necessary to prevent negative behaviours, which has had a positive impact on my confidence"

    S Molloy

  • "It has been great to have an unbiased, non-judgemental sounding board and be able to take time out to talk about me and my life. Tracey, you are a good listener! I now enjoy more quality time with my children. Thank you!"

    L Roberts

  • "I've found my coaching sessions hugely empowering and beneficial. I've made huge ground in building my confidence and self-esteem, following a bout of stress-related depression. I'm doing things now I'd never have dreamt possible"

    G Stanley

  • "Working with Tracey has completely transformed my view about how it is best for me to live a healthy lifestyle. I now view my health and fitness regime as an enjoyable part of my life rather than a 'thing' I 'must' do"

    S Faulkner

  • "Working with professional coach Tracey Wall was a highly enjoyable and valuable experience. Through our sessions, Tracey raised my awareness of my situation and really empowered me to move forward to achieve my goals. Confidentiality was maintained throughout: I trust Tracey implicitly"

    C Campbell

  • Tracey helped me to identify the areas in my life which were making me feel so miserable and worthless and then we began to tackle them one by one. The process went at my own pace and felt like a natural progression, as each week went by I was feeling more positive and confident, ready to tackle the next step.

    Anna Burrow
    Frodsham, Cheshire